Podcast Episode 006, 35 min
Video Ministry Using Devices You Already Own, EP 006
Craig Forrest has spent decades shooting and editing film and video for ministries and network TV. He’s passionate about helping people communicate the message of Jesus in a compelling way. In this interview I talk with him about video ideas and tips that can be used in any size of church on a limited or nonexistent budget.

Karl Vaters: Yeah. That’s just who Cho is.

Craig Forrest: Yeah. Cho. Okay. I never forgot. I saw his TV show once and he was standing in front of the, at that time, the Berlin wall back in the eighties and wearing a trench coat, talking to the camera. And he started talking about that there was a wall that separates man from God, and he used the Berlin wall behind him. This separates freedom from restriction. This wall separates. This is the boundary and there's no way to get past that wall. And I still remember this 30-some years later.

And you say, “oh, a little church. I don't have the Berlin wall.” Okay. I got it. But you might have a wonderful lake and you could do little sermonettes and devotions about Jesus preaching from the sea of Galilee, or you could stand in a square or a big city and use that to bring an illustration or devotion that's maybe two or three minutes long.

One of the most important things, Karl, that churches need to understand is short attention span. The average person watching and consuming media today, which is usually seven or eight hours a day of consuming of media, have short attention spans. They're not going to go more than 90 seconds. So you’ve got to grab them right up front. And give them a beginning, a middle and an end that is no more than a minute or two minutes long. They won't last. Unless you’re great. Some people are great. Some people can do it. They've got it. But they're not going to go past two or three minutes,

Karl Vaters: But even if you are great, there's a lot of people that will look at the timestamp and pass over because they see the timestamp and go, I'm just not going to do something

Craig Forrest: Some people are born with the ability to communicate so you hang on every body. But a lot of people have to learn to do that.

Karl Vaters: Right? So you're talking about like the two to three minute video that would be then put up onto something like Facebook or Twitter or Instagram that tells a short message. So it's not just simply live streaming a service for people who maybe already are in the church but can't come right now or for people who are looking for a new church and are trying to see what your service is. We'll get into that in a moment.

We're talking about the videos that every one of us watches on a regular basis where you're scrolling through Facebook, or you're going through YouTube, and you see a face and there's a little title that catches your interest and you spend just 90 seconds to two minutes watching something that the value of that, of shooting that outside the building is significantly higher than shooting it inside the building behind the pulpit, because of the nature of that type of media, is that what you’re saying?

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August 5, 2021

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