Podcast Episode 006, 35 min
Video Ministry Using Devices You Already Own, EP 006
Craig Forrest has spent decades shooting and editing film and video for ministries and network TV. He’s passionate about helping people communicate the message of Jesus in a compelling way. In this interview I talk with him about video ideas and tips that can be used in any size of church on a limited or nonexistent budget.

Craig Forrest: As soon as someone that doesn't know the Lord sees that you're shooting at a pulpit or in a church, they're going to turn it off immediately because they don't want anything to do with a church or a pulpit. But if you're standing . . . you want to grab their attention. What did Jesus do? Told stories that grabbed people's attention and they couldn't wait for the end to the parable.

And a lot of times he sent them away still thinking, even his disciples didn't understand many of the parables that he told.

Karl Vaters: So some of those stories might be, so the pastor you're preaching on Sunday and in the middle of your preaching, you've got a little story you tell out of your life, or a little example from a book you read or from history. And you look at that and you go, hey, that took me about two and a half minutes to tell in the sermon. What if I went outside and stood in front of the town square on main street in our small town and I told that story or whatever context works for that story.

So, you tell the same story. You've already done the research. You've already told the story. You know how to tell the story. And now what you've got is somebody else in the church—a 13 year old who just loves doing video—and you stand there and you tell that story to them in front of a place that gives it a sense of, for lack of a better word, not being churchy, because you're trying to reach the person who's not in a church.

So the person who's scrolling through Facebook in your town sees you in front of the town square in their town and goes, oh, what's that person doing in my town, in front of the town square? And they watch you for 90 seconds. Then they hear a redemptive story that brings them one step closer to potentially saying yes to Jesus.

Craig Forrest: A pastor, no matter large church or small, is going to do video dumps. Move your locations around. You have enough to send those out over the course of four months. Let's say the first Tuesday, every month you do one of them. Two in the morning are the first two months, the two in the afternoon are the next two months.

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August 5, 2021

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