Podcast Episode 006, 35 min
Video Ministry Using Devices You Already Own, EP 006
Craig Forrest has spent decades shooting and editing film and video for ministries and network TV. He’s passionate about helping people communicate the message of Jesus in a compelling way. In this interview I talk with him about video ideas and tips that can be used in any size of church on a limited or nonexistent budget.

Craig Forrest: And it was only three days of work out of 365. And the other thing is if you have a Facebook page, put it there as well.

Karl Vaters: In fact, my thought is you would put it primarily there because you're not going to have, you're only going to have your own members go to your website typically, but you're going to have non-members scrolling through Facebook.

And then, and then you tell your congregation members, watch the video and tag it and tag your friends on it so that they see it on their timeline. And all of this is free. Nothing that I've, that you've mentioned, or I've summarized here, costs a single penny.

Craig Forrest: Exactly. You can put it on your personal Facebook page and make sure that it's available for public so that it's shareable because what you want is for people that have stopped by your page and also see it there, the Karl Vater's Facebook page, and they can share it because the more shares you get the larger the audience gets.

Karl Vaters: Yeah. So you engage the congregation and say, “we're putting this video up on Monday. We're gonna, we're going to email you to remind you to go to the church's Facebook page, or even put it on your personal page and tag it and share it from there.” And then they are participating in an evangelism process that is as easy and as little threatening as evangelism could possibly be because you're just tagging a like and a share from your pastor's video and people who scroll through on Facebook, who won't pause when they see a preacher behind a pulpit, are more likely to pause when they see somebody standing in a field, by lake, and especially your local folks, if you're trying to get them into your church, if it's, oh, that's my that's that's my, my friend's backyard if you’re in a small town. So the visual is making a connection to them in the fast paced world of Facebook and Instagram.

Craig Forrest: And don't shoot your camera or place your camera so far away. When in doubt, do a medium shot from the waist up.

Karl Vaters: And for audio as well, right?

Craig Forrest: Yep, and for just a little bit of money, you can get yourself a lavalier mic that is right here on your collar or on the buttons or a sweater or whatever it is. That's this far away from your mouth and your audio. That's one of the great tragedies of videos is poor audio.

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August 5, 2021

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