Podcast Episode 008, 28 min
Recovering & Thriving In the Post-Pandemic Church: Pt. 2, EP 008
The second of a two-part series in which Karl Vaters shares lessons from hundreds of small church pastors about responding, recovering and thriving through a challenging season.

Karl Vaters: We are united on a common biblical theology, a common biblical morality, and a common dedication and passion for the mission of Jesus Christ to make disciples who become disciple makers to reach the world for Jesus.

Hi, I'm Karl Vaters and I'm a small church pastor. And welcome to this episode of Can This Work in a Small Church? Today, we're going to be talking about part two of a two-part series: Recovering and Thriving in the Post Pandemic Church.

If you listened to the first episode, you know what this is all about. IIf you didn't let me give you a quick summary, or of course you can go back and listen to it yourself. But here's what we've already covered on these ideas of recovering and thriving in a post pandemic church.

First of all, during the last decade or more people have really been spending an awful lot more time in two extreme places: isolated in their homes and engaged in massive social media. And those are two extremes. Those extremes were accelerated and amplified during the pandemic. And that has created a great deal of ill health emotionally, spiritually, and even physically in a lot of us. You cannot be in constant isolation and have constant engagement in mess and social media and do well.

So, this is part of the challenge that people are feeling right now and are looking for answers to. And the best answer to that, as we talked about last time, is, I believe, in a healthy, small congregation where not only can we connect people with each other, but we can connect them with the Lord himself who has ways to answer those things that none of us have on our own.

Then we took a look at two keys to recovery after the pandemic and they were this: first of all, don't try to go back to what was. We can't build a healthy church on nostalgia. And secondly, build on what you're learning. If you made mistakes, if you've gone through difficulties, if you have experienced loss, don't just let it be lost. Take a look back at it. Take notes on it. Spend time thinking about what you learned there and what you can build on from it.

And then we talked about how small churches need to respond in three different ways. First of all, we need to respond contextually. What is the context of ministry that God has placed us in both in our church and in our community? And are we responding well within that context? Or are we simply doing business as usual? Business as usual will not work anymore. We need to understand our context and respond to it.

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August 5, 2021

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