Podcast Episode 008, 28 min
Recovering & Thriving In the Post-Pandemic Church: Pt. 2, EP 008
The second of a two-part series in which Karl Vaters shares lessons from hundreds of small church pastors about responding, recovering and thriving through a challenging season.

Secondly, we need to minister personally. Yes, high-tech matters. We need to be able to get online. We need good websites, but right now, especially coming out of a traumatic season, people need the soft shoulder to land on. They need people who are there to minister to them personally.

And then thirdly, and this is the point that we will be launching off into our sub points for the, for the podcast today is this: we need to prepare continually. Why? Because here's the bad news. This will happen again. We live in a broken world where bad things happen.

So we've been through a season of pandemic. We are coming out of it in most places of the world. Where I live in California, it feels like we're just about out. I know friends and family members who are still much deeper into it than we are and have a little longer season to come out of it. But whenever that happens, when we are finally completely okay, all the restrictions are lifted in the travel is okay again, and we can do whatever we need to do, and we can say it’s truly in the rear-view mirror—that still will not mean that we're going to walk through a field of daisies for the rest of our lives, right?

As I said, we live in a broken world where bad things happen. And even if another pandemic, God forbid, doesn't ever come again, something's going to happen because, well, take a look around at history. There's going to be an earthquake or a flood or a fire. The biggest business in town is going to close their doors. There's going to be a drought. Something is going to happen. A hurricane is going to hit you or a tornado is going to come your way. Bad things are going to come your way.

And so we, as good stewards of the assets that God has given us—by assets, I mean the physical church building and the finances and the skills and talents of the people around us—those assets need to be invested properly in a way that helps us to prepare for the thing that might be coming next. We don't know what's going to come next, but we can be ready for it.

And so, what we’re going to walk through today is this: during this year and a half or so at the point that I'm recording this since the pandemic began—I spent this past year and a half talking to into the hundreds of small church pastors. Sometimes through email, sometimes on the phone, in chat rooms, on Zoom teaching in webinars with Q and A’s afterward.

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August 5, 2021

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