Podcast Episode 010, 40 min
Writing For Ministry, with Drew Dyck, EP 010
In this week’s episode of Can This Work In A Small Church? I interview Drew Dyck about the important subject of Writing for Ministry. Drew is the author of several books, most recently, Your Future Self Will Thank You: Secrets to Self-Control from the Bible and Brain Science (A Guide for Sinners, Quitters, and Procrastinators). Drew has spent a couple decades as a writer and editor for major church publishers.

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Drew Dyck: So, it's kind of a cool time to have a message that you want to communicate to people because you don't have to wait for anyone's permission. You can just start now.

Karl Vaters: Hi, I'm Karl Vaters and welcome to Can This Work in a Small Church? My podcast guest today is Drew Dyck and the subject is writing for ministry. Drew is the author of several books, most recently the book, Your Future Self Will Thank You: A Guide for Sinners, Quitters, and Procrastinators.

Yes, that may be the longest subtitle ever. I believe there was still room on the cover of the book for a picture. Drew has spent a couple of decades as a writer and editor. I actually first met him and he asked me to write for Leadership Journal several years ago. And today he's an editor, actually my editor at Moody Press.

So in this conversation, Drew and I talk about the differences between preaching and writing, how to get started at writing for ministry and what book publishers are looking for. Don't forget to stick around when the interview is done. I’ll give an overview of the content and the answer to the question, “can this work in a small church?”

So on this podcast today, we've got a really fascinating guest with us—at least that's how he describes himself, as a fascinating guest. Drew Dyck is with me today. Drew, welcome to Can This Work in a Small Church?

DD: Thank you. I am fascinating. And this is what I keep telling people. And some people don't see it, including my wife. And that's when it's the most hurtful.

KV: I have noticed you've got an alter ego on Twitter, on Twitter that gives away all of your secrets. Purple Drew, some people call him.

DD: That's right. Yeah. And I can't even remember who that is, but there's some guy out there with way too much time on his hands.

KV: I know. You're the only, the only guy I know who runs his own parody account.

DD: I’ve been accused of it. I swear, it's not me. I swear. It's not me. But the more hurtful thing is, you know, Grace isn't on Twitter. That's my wife, Grace, and I will read my tweets to her and, and she often doesn't find them as funny as I did. So we're working through that.

KV: Well the rest of us find it hilarious.

DD: Thank you.

KV: So, let's just jump right into this. You, you have written several books, your most recent one, Your Future Self Will Thank You. With the longest subtitle in the history of publishing. Somehow you still had room on the cover for a picture of a dog wanting cookies.

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August 19, 2021

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