Podcast Episode 010, 40 min
Writing For Ministry, with Drew Dyck, EP 010
In this week’s episode of Can This Work In A Small Church? I interview Drew Dyck about the important subject of Writing for Ministry. Drew is the author of several books, most recently, Your Future Self Will Thank You: Secrets to Self-Control from the Bible and Brain Science (A Guide for Sinners, Quitters, and Procrastinators). Drew has spent a couple decades as a writer and editor for major church publishers.

And of course, her brilliant genius response to me was, “well, who else is going to write about small churches other than a small church pastor? And how many famous ones do you know?

What I did was exactly what you're talking about. First of all, I just started writing. I didn't have an audience. I didn't have a presence on social media. I didn't have a website. I had a passion for this particular, very, very specific area of ministry, which as it turns out is huge, but untapped.

DD: Right.

KV: There's a massive amount there. And that's the thing. People sometimes think if I limit myself to this particular small area, that somehow I'm going to run out of stuff, but in fact, you can often find something that hasn't been tapped into before and start digging deeper in things.

So, you find the very specific area. You just start writing about it.

Now, when you start writing, do you have any immediate pieces of advice for pastors who are used to speaking every Sunday about the process of now writing to be read rather than writing notes to be spoken, because those are overlapping talents, but they are not the same talent.

DD: That's right.

They're different animals, as you know. And often, as you know, some of the best preachers I've heard, when you read the writing, it's pretty good. Right? And the reverse is true. Some of the authors that I love their books, and then you're so excited that you get to hear them speak. And it's like watching paint dry. All to say, yeah, they're different animals.

Just be aware of that challenge, because I think a lot of preachers automatically think, oh, I'm a good communicator. And I've been doing this for a while. Certainly when I go to put pen to paper, fingers to keyboard, it's going to work similarly and it's gonna kind of flow and it's gonna connect with people.

But it really is a process of just clarifying your thoughts. There's a lot less repetition, you know, for one, right? You have to be more concise because people, if they didn't quite get what you were saying in an article or a book, they can go back and read that sentence again. That’s different from speaking.

And so just to be very clear, have a clear thesis, especially if you're doing an article or a blog post, just kind of one thing you want to say.

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August 19, 2021

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