Podcast Episode 21, 44 min
Church Planting For Everyone, with Peyton Jones (ep 021)

Karl Vaters: Well welcome Peyton to the podcast. It's good to have you on with.

Peyton Jones: Thank you, Carl. Good to be here. You have

Karl Vaters: written a book called church plants, ology, and it is a hefty tome.

Peyton Jones: I'm not going to lie. There was 800 pages of a manuscript submitted dishonor and Zondervan said thanks Peyton. But. You have to chop it down to 400.

It still clocks in at nearly 500 pages.

Karl Vaters: Yeah. Oh, I, as a writer, I know shorter is harder than longer, but it's thorough. There's no empty space in there. Cause obviously you chopping it down from eight, 800 and it's so practical, so helpful. I got it in the mail. A church planter. I'm a guy who was called to existing churches and I've been, you know, 29 years in my church that was existing when I showed up, but have a real understanding of the need for church planting and appreciation for those who do that.

So give us a little bit of your background, how you came to be a church planter and how the book church plantologist cannabis. Well,

Peyton Jones: I think you and I have a lot of similarities. I mean, you are definitely an advocate for small churches. And I think the way that I approach church planning is definitely very similar.

I'm not a large launch guy at all. I'm a missionary. So I think in very brass tacks, I think in very first century principles and I'm by vocational, so grown this big thing and all the bells and whistles that doesn't apply. But I started in Huntington beach, California at a church now known as refuge back then.

And. Calvary Huntington beach. I was on my way to becoming a mega church pastor and God loved me and had a plan for my life. And thankfully did not include that. He called me to a mission work. I ended up in Wales and Martin Lloyd Jones is Dockside Presbyterian church, where I was promptly beat up, which happens in a town like that.

By a rugby player on the juice, but I was the evangelist and I helped them plan a church out. Of course, you know, over the years I had been part of church planning teams and New Zealand and hungry. So I found myself overseas planning churches. Deal did not see myself as a church planner. It wasn't till I took a Baptist church, a small little church of about 2030 people that hadn't had a pastor in 20 years that eventually we started accidentally planting churches.

I thought I was doing evangelism with college students. We were planting churches and eventually I planted, accidentally in a Starbucks. And that grew to about 50 unbelievers. Talking about Jesus and I was on my way back home to America and didn't want to do it. But five years later, I finally did return planted in long beach in a park there downtown and just kept helping others.

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