Podcast Episode 21, 44 min
Church Planting For Everyone, with Peyton Jones (ep 021)

People say you need to read the grasshopper myth. You and Carl would get along.

Karl Vaters: I had people telling me to read zero two at the same time. Yeah. Yeah. So

Peyton Jones: it's not anti-growth it's anti multiplication, like non multiplication. That's what I'm saying. Concerned about if you're going to be big. Great. But that should never be the goal.

The goal should be to keep multiplying outward rather than building

Karl Vaters: up. Yeah. Again, still in chapter one, you, you very clearly say that Jesus never called us to plant a tree. Yes. He called us to make disciples. And then you talk about the cause and effect that we sometimes treat church plants as the cause for discipleship.

When in fact it shouldn't be seen as the effect of discipleship. Am I getting that right? And if so, unpack that for

Peyton Jones: us. 100%, you know Ralph Morris said it really, really well. He said, when you plant a church, discipleship does not necessarily happen, but when you decide. Church plants always happen. And after I'd written the book, I got approached by a very large mission organization that came to me and their, their specialty is to translate discipleship tools into multiple countries around the world.

And I was working with them on another project and they said, Hey Peyton, can you come over here? Because look, we're in the church planning. We are not a church planning organization. We didn't mean to, but we have church plants popping up all over the place, simply because we've trained people how to disciple.

And because of that, we're now a church planning organization. We have no idea how to train people, how to church plant. So could you come over? Well, they got the DNA. They can't help, but be a church planning movement. And I wished I had had that for the book. Cause I could have told countless. Stories in future, I'll be doing a church plant ecology podcast that will actually unpack these stories from all around the world that actually show these principles at work that just naturally lead to planting churches.

Karl Vaters: So it sounds like what you're saying is if the goal is to plan. Churches then it's like in the nineties, when they talked about a vision statement and you create a vision statement, and then you've got to constantly tell people over and over and over and over again, drive them crazy with the vision statement I'll it finally gets through.

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