Podcast Episode 21, 44 min
Church Planting For Everyone, with Peyton Jones (ep 021)

And that always kind of struck me as backwards. Like if I've got to just simply drive the statement into people, then maybe it's not coming out of their hearts to begin with. And same thing if I've got, if I've got a church planting emphasis and I've got to try to convince churches to plant churches and people to plant churches, that seems backwards on the other hand.

If people are truly being discipled in a new Testament manner. Yeah. Church planting will naturally result from healthy disciple-making. If we are making disciples who become disciple makers, they can't help, but plant.

Peyton Jones: Absolutely. And one of the things that I do in chapter one, as I contrast church planning with church starting.

So church starting, we, we all know like this, you talked about the church growth movement. This is the recipe of planting churches or starting churches. I don't even call it church planning because the new Testament knows nothing of this. There was nothing, there's no link. You can trace between what Paul did or what Jesus was trained in the 12 to do, or what the 12 themselves did.

To what this is about to become. you'll recognize this. This is what you do. This is how you start a church. First thing, grab a flashy church. Okay, get your church name, picture in your head right now, build a sexy church logo branding. It's all about the branding baby. Then build your flashy website. Now let's talk about advertising marketing.

And so it goes, and so then you rent the space. You get a bunch of disgruntled Christians together. You play musical chairs with other churches and boom. That is church starting as we know it. And it no longer. It doesn't matter if you're the sexier flashier, faster version of this stupid church next to you, you know, those old fuddy duddies over there, it doesn't matter because this next generation doesn't care.

Karl Vaters: So when you say that no longer works, you're not just saying that it doesn't produce a biblical result. You're saying it doesn't even produce the result that we are intending it to produce. It doesn't even bring in the numbers of.

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