Podcast Episode 022, 58 min
Helping Men Become More Intentional Dads, with Jeff Hamilton (Ep 022)
In this interview with Jeff Hamilton, of Dad Academy, we talk about helping men become the dad they want to be.

Jeff Hamilton: They made me go to school for 30 hours before I could press the automatic group button on the machine. And yet in 1996, they just handed me a baby.

Karl Vaters: Hi, I'm Karl Vaters and I'm a small church. And welcome to can this work in a small church? My podcast guest today is Jeff Hamilton and the subject is helping men become more intentional dads.

Jeff is a local small church pastor near me, and he's founded a ministry called dad academy that helps fathers become. Dad with a plan, which is a very powerful combination in this conversation. Jeff and I talk about several things, including why, what he calls daddying is so important and so challenging.

We talk about the importance of approaching fathering with an intentional plan. We talk about the impact of building a positive culture in your home by creating a more Christ-like value system and a whole bunch of. Don't forget to stick around when the interview is done, I'll come back with an overview of the content and an answer to the question.

Can this work in a small church?

Hey, Jeff. Welcome to the podcast, it’s good to have you here. My friend.

Jeff Hamilton: It's great to see you, even though we don't live, like, this is still pretty cool though, that we can do this and, and I can have my makeup artists, like come in and touch me up and stuff like that. So hopefully in post I'll even look better.

Karl Vaters: We heard that you're doing it for an audio podcast though. There were people dabbing his face, like crazy about five minutes ago. No, we're joking.

Jeff Hamilton: Obviously listen for radio that's for sure.


Karl Vaters: You and me both my friends. So yeah, we both do live in Orange County, California. We've known each other for, it's probably coming up about 10 years. I think it was just shortly after I wrote the grasshopper myth, which is right years ago that you somehow got ahold of it and got ahold of me. And we became friends and you pastor what's called south county. I'm in mid to north county and we got to know each other that way.

Jeff Hamilton: And in fact, the first time I ever did, I think it was my first ever small church conference we did at your, we did in your facility. Yeah. We had about a hundred leaders coming out and that was fun. That was a great event. Just like what you're doing right now and resourcing small churches, especially like mine.

Like I think sometimes we forget about the small church, really being a context for the kingdom. And so all churches are forced to kind of cooperate together if a healthy, small churches, if we cooperate and pool our resources together we get a chance to multiply fruitfulness sometimes when you're at large churches, I mean, you and I discussed this many times how that was kind of our context.

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