Podcast Episode 022, 58 min
Ep 022: Helping Men Become More Intentional Dads, with Jeff Hamilton

Going up and maybe the expectation we had of what God might do with our lives. Instead, we've been able to serve faithfully at these smaller contexts, both healthy churches. Right. But when we get to multiply, we don't have to worry about these big facility costs. We don't have to worry about some of the challenges of.

Keeping the machine moving that may be sometimes that happens in larger churches. You, you end up so focused on what you're doing, not because you think what you're doing is more important. It's just out of a necessity to stay internal. You don't need to kind of go outside and eventually. Your focus and your energy and your resources get directed towards your assignment.

But we forget how ministry really gets multiplied when we get a chance to partner together and small churches, give us a chance to do that. Huh?

Karl Vaters: That, I think, is one of the benefits of even doing the podcast. For years I didn't pull the trigger on the podcast because quite frankly, it's easier just to write.

Piece podcast, take reel, take way more work because of the editing and all the other stuff and the scheduling of the guests and all that. But what I have noticed is the connection of actually bringing other people into the conversation. So it's just not, my voice is really helpful. So what you're talking about, the idea of small churches, getting together, sharing resources, sharing ideas, building and developing relationships.

Is as much a value of podcasts like this as the content itself, there's value in both, but I'm beginning to discover that the conversational aspect of it, the relational aspect, that builds because of that is equally as important as the content and, and you're right in small churches, we tend to stay isolated more than we more than is healthy.

Jeff Hamilton: And when we do connect to other smaller congregations, It benefits the kingdom of God. It benefits the pastor. It benefits the churches involved it tears down, territorialism, all kinds of backed up from that. And there are voices. There are voices that get to be heard out of your context because of the plat.

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