Podcast Episode 022, 58 min
Ep 022: Helping Men Become More Intentional Dads, with Jeff Hamilton

That your book had given you? We tend not to experience that in the local, in the local church as much, but because of that network, that you've kind of been built. We start to see how many great little, you know, I grew up in the central coast. Right. And one of the largest of California, we're in California, central coast, near Santa Maria, California, and that whole central valley that's kind of on the south end of the central valley was a huge agricultural area.

In fact, it produces most of the produce, right? Western US. People don't realize how much agriculture happens in California. And why water is such a significant issue for us, but you know, one of the guys that I in my church I grew up with was one of the top largest farmers here on the west coast.

I mean, Multinational conglomerate of huge machines and stuff like this. And that's what I think of churches. You know, you and I are right around the corner from Saddleback church where we're not far from Mariners church, these amazing resource churches that, that resource, the body of Christ in significant ways.

And they're kind of, I tend to think of them like big farms that have a large production scale. But one of the fun things that we've started to develop, especially in the last couple of years is just the idea of locally grown, right? The mom and pop kind of organic farm. So it's not like I don't buy, still buy lettuce from Ralph's right.

That come from some big farming organization, man. But there's nothing like a homegrown. Or peaches that come from somebody's tree that are in season. And I think with the small church, just kind of like these boutique farms, you get always get something that's kind of fresh, something that's in season and the seasons change, right?

So we get to partake of that kind of a nuance to, and because of your connection and the platform that God has given you, you get to visit some of these family owned farms. Right. And take some of the best so that everybody can see. As well, so thanks for creating this opportunity.

Karl Vaters: You're welcome.

I really appreciate that. And there's so much we could get into on this, but I, I wanted to talk that you specifically today let's narrow our subject really down to something that is something you have started recently that I think a whole lot of the folks listening would be able to benefit by. You started something recently called Dad Academy tell me what it's about and why you started.

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