Podcast Episode 022, 58 min
Ep 022: Helping Men Become More Intentional Dads, with Jeff Hamilton

Jeff Hamilton: Yeah, man. You know, I'm, I, I'm a guy and you know, I just know that most of my life is built around a plan. Right. I want to save money or I'm doing something. I develop a plan or a budget for it. If I'm going to. Work out. I want to have a plan, an idea about what I'm doing, same with a diet, even as a small church, I get to consult businesses because of my educational background and entrepreneurial background.

And one of the things, first things that we go to is the business school. Right, right. Probably when when I planted a church in 2000, you know, it was kind of at the beginning trend where you started working at a coffee shop as a way to connect with people. So I opened a Starbucks as a, as a manager and they made me go to school for 30 hours.

So not just understand about coffee, it was about the culture and why we did things a certain way and why these, why these beans are chosen as opposed to these ones and how the different machines were. It made me go to school for 30 hours before I could press the automatic group button on the machine.

Right. And yet in 1996, they just handed me. Right. There's no instruction manual. This thing is crying, right? It's like your whole life is turned upside down. And what happens with dads is like, daddy is probably the only area in a man's life where we're programmed to be reactive. Right. We're not anticipating, we're not planning.

Right. Maybe if we're lucky, we're planning for their college education, saving some money, but when it comes to the development of, of our character, God's entrusted lives to us as dads. That if we've been made in the image of God, the Maggio day, right? As human beings, right? Moms and dads working together is a tool that God uses to shape our children into his image, to draw out of them who he's created them to be.

Now he had a plan, John three 16. Right. He had a plan for us, but his dad's, we don't have a plan. And so dad academy, I actually started. Back in 2015. So this thing's like six years old, then I would just gather guys together and, and I'd walk them through this. I found that I was doing this process with companies, having them clarify their mission, define their values and make sure that there's alignment between their mission and their values and that they have a culture that supports those things.

Right. Well, we're not doing that at home. Back some of the guys that are the most successful businessmen were probably the least intentional debts. All their energy is directed towards business. And so what I would do is I took this same idea that I would take in when I would consult with a business. I just put it into a, into a format that dads.

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