Podcast Episode 12, 27 min
Small Church Pastor Personality Types with Jean Morgan (Ep 12)
Jean Morgan, a small church pastor who wrote a Masters thesis about the correlation between a pastor’s personality and the size of the church they serve.

KV: I’d forgotten that that's where that had come from. I remember when we had the conversations, but we’ve had so many I’d forgotten that's where that come from.

So there's a lot of personality tools out there. Why is the OCEAN Assessment tool the one you settled on?

JM: Even though we have a number of tools and they all approach it from a slightly different perspective, we chose The Big Five because it was the most accepted from years of research in businesses and in other venues.

KV: Plus when you, when you go through the list of each of those five, it's not just simply personality in general, but it's really about personality of leaders. It has more of a leadership focus than a simple general population.

So it is intended to assess the personality of people in leadership. And it's got this broad acceptability in academic circles as well. So it's got some meat on its bones academically, which of course for masters is helpful, but it's also helpful for us because I think a lot of what we try to do in small church pastoring is really subjective.

And it has to be a lot of times because we don't have the metrics to back it up. So I'm thrilled to see somebody doing the academically rigorous work to start figuring out some of these things. So that's the background to it. So now I'm just going to come right out and go, okay, what'd you figure out, what did you discover? You got a lot of it because you and I worked together, we put it out to a lot of our listeners and readers.

JM: We got 748 responses.

KV: Which is huge for a project like this...

JM: ...which was absolutely great. Yeah. And based upon those, we came up with a set of numbers. One of the things that I think would have been more helpful is: we only had 18 of those 748 responses that pastor churches have 500 or more.

So if we'd had more larger pastored churches would have been very helpful

KV: Yeah. Some of that is because it was a lot of it from my audience, which of course is primarily smaller midsize church pastors rather than larger ones. So, what you're saying is it would be even more accurate if we'd had a higher percentage of big church pastors represented that equals their percentage of the population of pastors.

JM: Right. I think that would have been definitely a big factor, but it was interesting because it was a study by Ackerman, I thought, that was really important is, you know, the one who's open to experience, open-minded, they're more willing to think outside of the box and, you know, that is a positive factor.

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