Podcast Episode 12, 27 min
Small Church Pastor Personality Types with Jean Morgan (Ep 12)
Jean Morgan, a small church pastor who wrote a Masters thesis about the correlation between a pastor’s personality and the size of the church they serve.

But none of these personality traits on their own really had a major impact upon the size of a church. I do want to say that up front: basically we found that for the most part, the personality traits were not a key factor. There's other factors, like sense of effectiveness, sense of being engaged in the work. In other words, is the work meaningful to you?

So there I go back to little bit about my story. I know that I know that I know that God called me to the ministry and I have told people, “if you don't know that you know, that you know, don't become a pastor, right? Because you cause more harm than good.”

But it was interesting that the higher that they were in being open-minded or open to experience, they were willing to try new things. And I think that is a very positive factor if a person has that leaning. Those who were low in openness to experience preferred routine.

So that's understanding. Conscientious individuals have a tendency to plan more, to organize more, to delay personal gratification. Whereas those who are low in conscientiousness have a tendency to procrastinate more. So I thought that was a fascinating insight.

And then those who are high in extroversion, they draw energy from interacting with people.

You know, I can see the difference between my wife's personality and my personality. I'm more of an extrovert. So I mean, I can be with a group of people and I am ready to go afterwards. And when she’s been with a group of people, she's ready to relax, you know, so you can see how that would play in.

Agreeableness. This was an interesting one. It focuses on getting along with others. The problem with getting along with others is we have a tendency to put aside things that we should be working on because it’s more about the connecting with people. Those who are low on agreeable tend to not be as trusted as much. I thought that was interesting.

Neuroticism or negative emotionality has to do with how comfortable, how confident you are. Those who are low in neuroticism were likely to be more confident and adventurous. So I was very happy when I took The Big Five. And I only scored an eight on neuroticism.

KV: You got to give me the scale to tell me if that's good or bad. Eight of a hundred or eight out of 10?

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