Podcast Episode 025, 44 min
Why Your Church Needs A Website And Social Media, with Josh Givens (Ep 25)

Karl Vaters: Yeah, let's get into a little bit then on each of those. What are some of the biggest mistakes we're making on social media? What would you say would be top two or three things? Hey, pastors, I see you guys doing this, you need to stop doing that, or you're not doing this and here’s something you should start doing. What would be two or three of the biggest mistakes we need to be aware of on social media?

Josh Givens: Are you asking for pastors for their individual profiles or are you asking for pastors on their church pages?

Karl Vaters: I was asking for church pages, but now that you brought it up, let's start on individual profiles. Because yeah, there's a whole weird world there that we need to touch on.

Josh Givens: There is a weird world there.

Karl Vaters: Let's start with individually. Because first of all, pastor, you are never not the pastor. It doesn't matter what your tag is on social media, they will figure out that you're the pastor and it will have an impact on your church. Right? So let's start with, What are some of the personal mistakes we make on our personal page?

Josh Givens: I would say right off the bat, stay away from politics. I mean, I know that, you know, a lot of people advise this one all the time, but… And if you're not going to stay away from politics, be careful with politics. Because it's divisive, and if you're going to do that on your personal profile, you should know that everything you post is public, especially to the people that you're friends with. And you're friends with people from your church, and so people from your church are going to see the things that you post. And they're going to want to know, okay, why is the pastor talking about such and such when he preached on such and such on Sunday? And if something doesn't line up, they're going to question that. There's going to be a question of integrity or character there maybe, and things like that. So you want to live out your integrity and your character that you're living out in your personal life, on your social media platform.

Karl Vaters: In addition to that, I have heard - and maybe you, given what you do in the social media and media realm in general - you may have some answers to this. I have heard that in general, when a person is trying to figure out what church to go to, not only do they go to the church website, but they will quite often search out the pastor’s private social media stuff. They'll take a look at your Facebook page, they'll take a look at your Instagram, and how you behave there has a big impact on whether or not they will choose to attend your church. Is that true?

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April 18, 2022

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