Podcast Episode 025, 44 min
Why Your Church Needs A Website And Social Media, with Josh Givens (Ep 25)

Josh Givens: Exactly, exactly. That's exactly right. Thank you. I saw that and that's why I'm referencing that is because I saw what you had to say about it. And I see that a lot in the small church world. I see it in the big church world every once in a blue moon, but in a small church world especially. Because a lot of times what you run into is, Well, we don't have the tech people and the tech resources to design all of that stuff from scratch or to know where the quote unquote free resources are, so we just hop on Google image, search and grab whatever we want for Sunday's sermon graphics.

Karl Vaters: And real quick, for those who don't check the show notes, because almost nobody does, canva.com and unsplash.com are the two key places that I go. And if it's on Unsplash, especially, it is absolutely all free. The fact that it's on Unsplash makes it free and it is really high quality stuff.

Josh Givens: Oh yeah, really good stuff.

Karl Vaters: So there are places you can get it for free. If you go to other places like flicker or whatever, you've got to designate that you're only looking for the free stuff and that kind of gets complicated. But Canva and Unsplash, you can't use it on Canva unless you pay. They are really secure about that. And they also help you with design and all kinds of cool stuff. Anything else real quick on the mistakes we make on our church Facebook or social media pages?

Josh Givens: Yeah, those are the two biggest ones that I see. And then of course another one is a really, really top one that I'm seeing right now, and that I'm talking a lot about right now is not engaging with your audience when they leave comments. When people leave comments, especially if it's something like a prayer request thread that you throw out. If you ask a question, if you pose a question on Facebook and people start leaving comments on it… If you ask the question, How can we pray for you today, and then people start leaving comments, and then you don't reply as the church and/or the pastor, they're going to stop leaving those comments because they're going to wonder what's the point. So always engage, always reply, show them that you care, that you're there and the church and you as the minister have a presence right there on the page with them.

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April 18, 2022

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