Podcast Episode 025, 44 min
Why Your Church Needs A Website And Social Media, with Josh Givens (Ep 25)

Karl Vaters: The bottom line is the easier it is, the less control you have?

Josh Givens: Yes, exactly. And if you don't have a lot of web design expertise, especially with, like, what I had to go through in college with writing HTML code from scratch and all that kind of stuff. If you're not in that world, then you're going to probably want to work within a theme. You're going to want to do the whole, let's pick a theme, let's buy a domain name, let me just, you know, design a logo, stick it up there and start going from there.

Karl Vaters: Aside from the word logo, you just said a bunch of things that 75% of the listeners aren't going to understand what they are. So let's get into those. And the only reason I understood it is because seven or eight years ago, I had no money but I was determined to get this ministry going, and I built mine from scratch. I do recommend it, both for the time and frustration it will cost you, plus it'll never look quite like it should.

So let let's start with that. Let's make the assumption that most of the people listening right now are in small churches, they have a limited, very, very limited budget, that they're on Facebook and social media only at least partially because of the cost and because of the ease, they don't have neither the time nor the finances.

So what does the pastor of the small church who's hearing, Yeah, I get that I need a website, I really want to be on a website. I want to control our own content, and I want people around us to look at it and go, Oh, they have enough concern and care about the message that they're putting out there to have gone out of their way to create a website and the website looks decent. So what are a couple first steps that they can take to at least put some hope in their heart that this is something that's accomplishable by the average church of, you know, 40 to 50 people or less?

Josh Givens: Again, WordPress. Go to wordpress.com or wordpress.org, and learn those site. You need to be digging into that and setting that up. And if you, as the pastor, can't set it up, maybe you have a millennial in your church who is technology-inclined, maybe you have a college student in your church who's tech-inclined and you can get with him or her and say, Hey, I would love for you to set this up for us, would you be willing to get with me and take a few minutes to help me understand how this actually works? Whatever that looks like. Now, there are some great - and I do recommend these - there are some fantastic tutorial videos on YouTube for all the WordPress stuff. So if you start digging into WordPress and you're unsure of how to go about doing it, there's some great tutorial videos on how all of that works.

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April 18, 2022

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