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Christian Unity
Tony Morgan, Church Growth and the Small Thinking that Shouldn't Divide Us
Different ministries approach church health and growth in different ways. If we didn't, we probably couldn’t help each other very much.

Christian Unity
How Church Size Culture Is Affecting the Decline of Denominations
The size of the church we minister in has almost invisibly become a greater point of connection and disagreement than our denominations.

Innovative Ministry
Coasting is Compromise: The Importance of Being a Proactive Church
Adapting to new methods to tell the old, old story may be our greatest defense against unbiblical compromise.

Small Church Ministry
They Just Don’t Get It: Why Big Church Solutions Can't Fix Small Church Problems
The vast majority of churches are small, so we need small church alternatives to big church solutions.

7 Big Church Assumptions that Unintentionally Hurt Small Churches
Some small church pastors have stopped looking for help from their big church counterparts because they're tired of being hurt. It doesn't have to be like this.

Why Growth is Harder In a Small Church – And Change Is Essential
Big churches find it much easier to incorporate new people because the bigger the crowd, the smaller the impact each person has.

Why an Unfriendly Small Church Is Worse than an Unfriendly Big Church
Walking into a small church for the first time can be an act of great vulnerability.

Church Growth
Grow It or Close It? Is there a Third Option for Struggling Small Churches?
We need to assemble and promote the best ideas we can find to help struggling small churches become healthy small churches.

If It’s Okay for a Church to Be Small, Why Do I Feel So Bad When It Is?
For all my hard-working, prayerful, wise, loving peers who woke up on yet another Monday morning wondering “what am I doing wrong?”

Christian Unity
5 Principles Megachurches Can Learn From Small Churches
Healthy small churches have characteristics that make them work. And many of them can work in big churches, too.

Christian Unity
5 Principles Small Churches Can Learn From Megachurches
Small churches are uniquely different from megachurches. But that doesn't mean we can't learn from each other.

Why Stories Matter More than Stats In a Small Church
As a church grows larger, statistics matter more than opinions. When a church is smaller, opinions matter more than statistics.

Church Growth
Are You Pushing Pastors to Build Bigger Churches? Please Catch Us When We Fall
Many pastors feel pushed to grow, but they don’t feel like they get the help they need from church leaders when that growth fails to materialize.

Church Growth
We Followed the Steps – Where’s the Church Growth?
There are no guaranteed steps to church growth. Because the church is people. And people don’t come with guarantees.

Church Growth
A Big Church? Or a Healthy Church? What If You Had to Choose?
Usually, a choice for church health is also a choice for church growth. But not always. Sometimes it's one or the other.

Christian Unity
“Small Church Pastors Should Quit” (and More Monday Google Searches)
I’ve always known that Mondays are hard for pastors. I now have direct evidence that they can be especially hard for small church pastors.

Small Church Ministry
Yes, There are Conferences for Small Church Pastors!
Having a small church pastor teach at pastoral conferences is such a new idea that some people don’t know what to make of it.

Small Church Ministry
Why Don’t Small Churches Grow? (Actually, They Do)
The presumption that small churches don’t grow is false. Some grow numerically. Most grow spiritually. Many grow in both ways.

Small Church Ministry
The Astonishing Power of Small Churches: Over One Billion Served
This is the first in a five-part series that will dramatically alter the way we see small churches and their kingdom potential.

Small Church Ministry
The Astonishing Power of Small Churches: Strategic Placement
Small churches may be the most overlooked, under-appreciated and underutilized asset on earth. But it doesn’t have to stay that way.

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