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China Cracks Down on Christian Music

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China cancels China National Orchestra concert over Christian fears
China's Ministry of Culture ordered the chorus of the China National Orchestra to withdraw from a Saturday concert, reportedly because it included Christian-themed material, according to the Associated Press.

Conductor Su Wenxing, whose Hebei Orchestra was to perform "Easter Chorus" and other works with the China National Orchestra, said the Chinese government refused to give any official information about the cancellation. Both Su and the Chinese-born Canadian composer of "Easter Chorus," Huang An Lun, are Christians.

If fear of Christianity really was the reason for the demand—and what else could it be?—it's another piece of evidence that the Chinese government is becoming increasingly antagonistic toward Christianity (though, of course, other recent evidence is much more troubling). In 2002, China Daily, a state-run newspaper, touted Su's conducting of Handel's "Messiah" and other religious works. "Many great composers ...

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