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Regent on trial

Apparently it's a very, very big deal that Monica Goodling went to a law school founded by Pat Robertson.

No one in Washington or in mainstream media outlets seems to be coming right out and saying it, but the implication from much of the reporting and commentary regarding yesterday's House Judiciary Committee testimony of former Justice Department official Monica Goodling seems to be that Christian college graduates shouldn't be permitted in high government positions.

Try to find a news story today that doesn't mention that Goodling is a graduate of Regent University's law school, that the school was founded by Pat Robertson, and that it has a distinctly Christian mission. (Several reports also note that she did her undergraduate work at Messiah College, another distinctly Christian school.)

In fact, Rep. Stephen Cohen (D-Tenn.) spent most of his questions on Goodling's Christian education. Here's the transcript:

COHEN: Miss Goodling, I've read your vitae, and it says that you grew up and you mostly went – you went to public schools. Was that K through 12?GOODLING: Mm-hmm. (Affirmative.) Yes.COHEN: ...
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