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Congregation Gets Protesters, Then Cops' Bill

Plus: Methodist locale loses tax exemption over gay ceremony stand, bad grades for Oxford's Christian schools, Dobson nixes Thompson again, and hundreds of other stories from online sources around the world.

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1. Town charges congregation for police presence during protest
With Elvira Arellano and her son back in Mexico after a year's stay in a Chicago church, the neo-sanctuary movement's eyes have turned to United Church of Christ in Simi Valley, California, where an undocumented/illegal immigrant identified only as a 25-year-old Mexican woman named Liliana has taken shelter with her 5-month-old son.

It's safe to say the UCC congregation is not evangelical. Its website, for example, has links to three different Rastafarian websites, CAIR, earthspirit.org, pagans.org, wicca.org; and countless gay sites. But not one to an evangelical organization, ministry, or church. In a recent sermon, the pastor preached: "There are those who would have us believe … that God wants each of us to find Jesus and be saved. Don't believe it for a minute!" In that same sermon, she condemned, from the pulpit, by name, the "no middle ground thinking" of "a young man [who] wanted to give testimony to ...

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