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Investment Opportunity

No better time to reach out.
... some 71 per cent of those surveyed by Faithbook, a new multifaith page on Facebook, believe that a spiritual recession is more worrying than a material recession. And 80 per cent do not see the financial situation as a crisis but an economic watershed with moral and social opportunities.

So says an article in the Times Online: "Fears written on the pages of Faithbook."

Naturally, people who sign up for Faithbook are going to be more sensitive to moral and spiritual trends. But these people have economic woes as well as anyone else. And it's not blinded them to the deeper realities of what is going on right now.

It's a good reminder for evangelicals–we were made for times such as these, when people are groping for answers that transcend. And just at the moment we cannot afford the time or money to reach out to them–well, that's just the time when people may be most responsive to Jesus Christ.

What is your church doing to reach out at this time? We'd love to hear about it.

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