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Stephen McEveety -- the "deleted quotes"

My interview with Steve McEveety and Jim Caviezel, the producer and co-star respectively of The Stoning of Soraya M., went up at CT Movies yesterday.

The article focuses pretty narrowly on that one film, but I also asked McEveety about a couple other films that his company, Mpower Pictures, is working on – so here are a few "deleted quotes" from the interview.

First, I asked about Left to Tell, a movie currently in development about the Rwandan genocide that is based on a book by a woman who survived the genocide and attributes her survival to her Catholic faith. I asked if Mpower was especially interested in films with religious content, and McEveety replied:

I would say we're not interested in religious material, but then, I'm a faith-filled guy, so how could I not be? So in the course of– Having been a producer on The Passion of the Christ, you can imagine that I get every script that has anything to do with any kind of Christianity coming through my office, because people just send it ...
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