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'Disneyland for the Spirit World'

New documentary puts the lens on demon possession in various parts of the globe

Filmmaker Darren Wilson, who was behind the movie Finger of God a couple years ago, has compiled raw footage for a new documentary, Furious Love, which examines demon possession around the world.

The trailer shows various people thrashing about as if possessed, and an expert interviewed says, "The powers of darkness rage blatantly here. I call it Disneyland for the spirit world. But because of that, the love of Christ rages even more."

Wilson is currently showing the film to pastors and churches to stir some buzz, and invites churches to host the film for its Feb. 14 premiere – an apt release date, Valentine's Day, to celebrate a movie that's ultimately about the power of love.

Wilson says he understands that parts of the film may be controversial, and may even turn some people off, as was the case with his first film . . .

"I realize that there are some things in Finger of God that make some people very nervous," he wrote on his website. "I understand! But this film, while it is a sequel, is not Finger of God 2; it's not about chasing miracles. It is about chasing God's love. It is about understanding, on a very deep and profound level, the true nature of God's love for all of us. . . . In the end, you may not agree with everything you see in the film, but that shouldn't be something to be frightened of."

He went on to say that the film is about "one man's journey into the heart of darkness, to try and find out if God's love can really overcome anything. . . . So we traveled all over the world and met a wide variety of ministries and people working in these dark places, and we saw God move in ways that simply needs to be seen to be believed. . . . We filmed former satanists, prostitutes, the persecuted church, heroin addicts, people involved in witchcraft, new age, demon possessed, etc. If I was going to put God's love to the test, I wanted to put up a good fight. Of course, God completely obliterated the darkness we encountered every time, as you will see."

Here's the trailer:

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