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'To Save a Life' Opens Strong

Christian indie film finishes in top 15; teens responding to its message

The Christian film To Save a Life, aimed at teens and about showing compassion for others who are shunned or hurting, grossed $1.5 million on its opening weekend to finish 15th at the box office.

Opening on just 441 screens (wide-release blockbusters typically open on 3,000 or more screens), the indie film averaged an impressive $3,586 per screen – a higher average than several films that finished above it, including The Lovely Bones and Sherlock Holmes.

Teens are responding strongly. On the film's Facebook page, which has an impressive 90,000 users, a girl named Nicole wrote (sic): "This movie saved my life, last night i attempted suicide but didnt succeed and my confirmation sponsor asked if i wanted to go see it today and as much as i didnt want to i did, and it made me think so much. I have been where jake was on top of everything and no matter what was happening in your life i always had a smile on my face but i have also been in jonny's position too, i used to cut, people just dont no peoples breaking points and i wish people could just be who they want to be without being judged or doubted on your abilities. i was, and now i realize if you trust in the lord and just do the right thing, you will be just fine."

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