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Why Are Christian Movies So Bad?

One writer at 'Relevant' addresses, and tries to answer, the question

In a reasonable rant over at Relevant magazine, Scott Nehring asks the question, "Why Are Christian Movies So Bad?"

The brief essay, excerpted from his book,You Are What You See: Watching Movies Through a Christian Lens is long on stating the problem in terms we've heard before: Christian movies are "intellectually vacant," "disconnected from reality," and are known for "substandard production values, stilted dialogue and childish plots." He blames it not only on the filmmakers themselves, who are guilty of mediocre art (at best), but also the Christian audience, which he says should be more discerning and more demanding – of excellence, that is.

His concluding paragraphs, entitled, "So what can we do?", include a few platitudes that sound great – "we need great films," "we must demand quality" – but are short on practical suggestions and application. Nehring likely offers more detail in his book (which I haven't read), so I'll give him the benefit of the doubt; I'll assume he gets more ...

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