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J.I. Packer: John Stott Was 'Most Modest of Men'

The author, pastor, and theologian, 'summoned us to learn our faith,' says British-born J.I. Packer.

In celebrating John Stott's life, British-born Canadian theologian J.I. Packer focused on Stott's lifelong passion for sharing the true gospel of Christ with the world at a recent memorial service.

"John Stott was the most modest of men," theologian Packer said in his sermon on August 5. "If he could have briefed me in advance for this message that I am to give now, he would most certainly have said to me, ‘Focus on Christ. Don't focus on me.'"

Stott, who passed away July 27 at the age of 90, was one of the most respected evangelical leaders of the 20th century. For more on his life and work, see Christianity Today's obituary and the special section devoted to him.

Stott "was a man concerned with every breath he took, that everyone to whom he ministered should enjoy the fullness of the the full gospel in its truth and in its power, and should not change any part of it because that would mean exchanging the true gospel for a false one," Packer said.

Below is Packer's sermon, broken up into ...

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