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'Hobbit' Trailer Makes Critic Cry

Well, almost. Steven D. Greydanus says preview hints at a good movie. Maybe. Hopefully.

Critic extraordinaire Steven D. Greydanus, who reviews movies for CT, the National Catholic Register, and his own website, Decent Films, recently watched the new trailer for The Hobbit, which comes to theaters in December 2012. And Steven, not only a discerning critic but also a "don't-mess-with-my-beloved-Tolkien" fan who had some serious reservations about the Lord of the Rings movies, pretty much likes what he sees, thought with a few caveats.

Writing for the Register, Steven says, "I think it looks fantastic, for the most part. Of course it's a trailer, and so the material has been carefully selected, but I love much of what we see here." He lauds the casting choice of Martin Freeman as Bilbo. He loves the re-casting of Ian McKellen as Gandalf, a choice which Steven says "is one of the most awesomely right and perfect performances of any literary character I've ever seen, and I'm so happy there's more coming. I … I think I'll cry now." And he digs the depiction of the dwarves' song ...

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