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New Bollywood Film Portrays Jesus as Hindu

The six-hour film, set within Indian culture, will be broadcast as a TV series.

Jesus is getting the Bollywood treatment in a new Indian TV series.

According to Asia News, a new film depicts the life of Jesus Christ within the context of Indian culture, representing him as a Hindu. Christaayan, which took seven years to create and enlisted 200 actors–the majority of whom are Hindu–is scheduled to be serialized and broadcast on television.

This is reportedly the first Bollywood-style film to depict the life of Christ, though an earlier report announced that the production of a 3-D film about Jesus, Thirty Pieces of Silver, would take place primarily in India.

CT has noted previous attempts at "blockbuster evangelism" as well as other films about the life of Christ, including the "Jesus Film" project. CT also has reported on the growth of Christian movies in Nollywood, the booming Nigerian film industry.

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