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Super Bowl Ad Winners Believe . . .

. . . in Doritos and, as it turns out, in God. And now they're $1 million richer.

Nathan Scoggins loves Doritos. Really. He calls himself a "Ranch man all the way," referring to one of their most popular flavors. And now he's one of the proud creators of one of their most popular commercials of all time: "Sling Baby."

You might've seen the ad during the Super Bowl. You know the one, where the whiny kid taunts a grandma and an infant with his bag of Doritos – and where the old lady launches a plan, and the baby, to nab the chips from said kid. Yesss!!!

Viewers loved that commercial (embedded at the end of this post), and voted it No. 1 in the USA Today/Facebook Super Bowl Ad Meter. As a result, Scoggins, director Kevin Willson, and the team behind the creative commercial have won $1 million from Doritos. Willson says the money will be divided among everyone who made the commercial, and Scoggins says the producers will tithe a portion of the earnings "to a non-profit organization."

Willson and Scoggins (left and right, respectively, in photo) are both Christians who met ...

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