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Middle East

Gaza Christians Protest Alleged Forced Conversions

Remnant community of 1,500 worries about how conversion and emigration might further lessen its numbers.

A group of Gaza Christians protested Monday against what they believe to be the forced conversions of two members of their community, according to the Associated Press.

Police claim the man and woman seem to have freely converted to Islam but, fearing reprisals from their families, have been staying with a Muslim religious official, the AP reported.

An estimated 1,500 Christians remain among the 1.7 million Muslims living in the crowded coastal strip.

CT has regularly reported on Gaza's Christians, including how reconciliation efforts continued during the region's worst violence since the 1967 war. CT also went to Gaza to profile Hanna Massad and his many challenges as pastor of the coastal strip's only Baptist church.

Other key events include the seizure of Gaza's Baptist church by Fatah, as well as the bombing of Gaza's only Christian bookstore and martyrdom of its manager.

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