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Why Joseph Kony Is Trending (And What Invisible Children Wants with Rick Warren and Tim Tebow)

(UPDATED) A new campaign is raising questions about advocacy in an attempt to get the head of the Lord's Resistance Army arrested.

Update (Apr. 3, 2013): The Obama administration is now offering a $5 million bounty on Joseph Kony, though a joint manhunt for the warlord has been stopped because of the rebel takeover of his suspected hiding place: the Central African Republic.

CT examined Kony in a 2006 cover story on why Ugandan children were killing each other in the name of the Lord, and reported how churches responded to an amnesty offer. CT also ran reactions to Invisible Children's advocacy on Kony 2012, including how the Golden Rule should apply.


A viral video has captured widespread attention across social media outlets over an effort to arrest Joseph Kony, head of the Lord's Resistance Army that abducts and forces children to become soldiers.

A 30-minute video from the nonprofit Invisible Children has more than 15 million hits on YouTube and Vimeo since it was posted on March 5. The KONY 2012 campaign targets 20 celebrities (including megachurch pastor Rick Warren and outspoken Christian NFL quarterback Tim ...

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