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New York Times Now Run By Practicing Catholic

New president and CEO Mark Thompson: "The truths of the Christian faith are objective truths."

The new president and CEO of the New York Times (NYT) is surprisingly open about his Catholic religious views and ethics.

Mark Thompson, who begins his new role today, describes himself as "a critical realist in religious matters"–and now some are anxious to see how those beliefs will play out in his new role at the Times. Thompson's role focuses on business decisions, not editorial ones, for the NYT.

In an interview last year, Thompson told Oxford University professor Timothy Garton Ash that he believes "the truths of the Christian faith are objective truths, rather than being entirely subjective."

Thompson gained recognition for his work as former director of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), though he has recently been scrutinized for the BBC's role in a scandal involving charges of pedophilia against popular former host Jimmy Savile.

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