Westmont College Tussles With Pro-Life Student Over 'Horrific' Photos (Updated)

Display of aborted fetuses sparks debate.

When Westmont College student Seth Gruber began displaying signs with graphic images of aborted fetuses on campus, most students walked by without saying anything. But then, the Christian college tried to shut him down, according to a World magazine report.

The incident occurred after Gruber's request to sponsor the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform's (CBR) Genocide Awareness Project on campus was denied three years in a row. However, Westmont director of communications Nancy Phinney says Westmont has not entirely denied Gruber's requests.

"They are welcome to put the display up in an appropriate campus building, but (Gruber) is not interested in doing that," Phinney said Wednesday, reiterating that Westmont's position has not changed since Gruber first requested to bring the genocide display to campus.

"We have not denied the requests, but we have simply said it would not work in this particular area," she said. "That hasn't changed."

Phinney also says Westmont has neither shut down Gruber's ...

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