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Steve Chalke Stuns British Evangelicals By Coming Out in Support of Same-Sex Relationships

(Updated) Evangelical leader makes controversial argument in latest Christianity magazine.

Update (Feb. 5): The British parliament voted today to "[authorize] same-sex marriages but also exempts religious organizations from having to perform them," reports the Los Angeles Times. The bill, which passed by a 400-175 vote, has several more hurdles to clear before becoming law.

Update (Jan. 25): Associated Baptist Press reports how British Baptists are debating Chalke's position on homosexuality and how the Baptist Union of Great Britain should respond.


Steve Chalke, one of the most prominent evangelical leaders in the United Kingdom, has publicly announced his change of belief that monogamous same-sex relationships are not sinful, and makes an argument for why churches should support such relationships in the latest issue of Christianity magazine.

Released yesterday, the magazine's February issue focuses on "The Bible and Homosexuality." It follows columnist Chalke's article "calling for a new Christian understanding of homosexual relationships" with ones by theologian in residence ...

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