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Fresh Focus for IDOP: Where the Most Christians Live as Minorities

New Top 10 list from Pew Research offers guidance for Sunday's International Day of Prayer.
Fresh Focus for IDOP: Where the Most Christians Live as Minorities
Image: Courtesy of Open Doors

With many churches observing the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church (IDOP) this weekend, here's some fresh information that might help direct those prayers.

Pew Research recently highlighted the top 10 countries with the largest number of Christians living as minorities. Here's the list (ranked by percentage of Christians, not by total number of Christians):

1) Nigeria: 78,050,000 Christians (49.3% of population)

2) Ivory Coast: 8,710,000 Christians (44.1% of population)

3) Chad: 4,560,000 Christians (40.6% of population)

4) South Korea: 14,170,000 Christians (29.4% of population)

5) Kazakhstan: 3,970,000 Christians (24.8% of population)

6) Indonesia: 23,660,000 Christians (9.9% of population)

7) Vietnam: 7,170,000 Christians (8.2% of population)

8) China: 68,410,000 Christians (5.1% of population)

9) Egypt: 4,120,000 Christians (5.1% of population)

10) India: 31,130,000 Christians (2.5% of population)

Another helpful layer ...

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