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What Americans Pray For and Against (Per Max Lucado's LifeWay Survey)

Research reveals top topics and how often people say prayers are answered.
What Americans Pray For and Against (Per Max Lucado's LifeWay Survey)
Image: Harley Pebley/Flickr

When God answers prayer, he tends to do it in the South.

At least, so say Americans who participated in a new poll from LifeWay Research sponsored by popular pastor and author Max Lucado. Southerners (31 percent) are twice as likely as Northeasterners (15 percent) to say all of their prayers have been answered. African Americans (38 percent) also have a greater propensity to say this than whites (22 percent) and Asian Americans (19 percent).

Overall, one in four Americans report that God answers all their prayers, while eight in 10 say at least some of their prayers are answered. Protestants are just a tad more likely to sense a response: 30 percent said God answers all of their prayers, and 87 percent said God answers at least some. Only 3 percent of Protestants said their prayers are never answered.

Two out of five Americans pray for "my own sin," as do half of Protestants (51 percent). Only one in five Americans (20 percent) pray for people who do not share their ...

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