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Died: Jack Chick, Cartoonist Whose Controversial Tracts Became Cult Hits
This was his life!
A Well-Designed Journal Can Change Your Life
Mica May hopes her products make us more joyful, more inspired, and more grateful.
Putting the Fear of God in the Fashion Industry
Menswear creator Jerry Lorenzo wears his faith on his sleeve.
Bible Study Meets Crafting: The Bible Journaling Craze
What this artsy trend among Christian women shows us about offline spirituality.
A Christian College Brings Contemporary Art to Chapel Subscriber access only
Hand-blown glass and color combine in Peter Brandes's striking glass windows.
The Weird and Wonderful Church Drawings of John Hendrix Subscriber access only
Hendrix is no Thomas Kinkade. Which means he gets us a lot closer to the Bible.
The Wonderless World of Dismaland Subscriber access only
How Banksy’s bemusement park challenges our hope.
The Biblical Meaning of Clothing Subscriber access only
It takes on special significance throughout the arc of Scripture.
Why Fashion Matters Subscriber access only
How Christian Fashion Week could spur the church to engage clothing beyond simply buying it.
The Selfie’s Deeper Tale Subscriber access only
It’s not always about self-aggrandizement.
Preacher with a Paintbrush Subscriber access only
The first acclaimed black artist shared the gospel without saying a word.
Facing the Critical Distance
Kylee Pastore on art, Scripture, and the hermeneutic of patience.
Dressed for Death: The History of Funeral Fashion Subscriber access only
Looking back to when mourning attire was as heavy and dark as grief itself.
Why Bankrupt Detroit Needs Art More than Ever Subscriber access only
Seeing God’s design in blighted neighborhoods.
Picturing N.T. Wright Subscriber access only
A willing subject, a talented photographer, and great light. When planning a photo session in a remote location you hope for those three things. In the case of CT’s April 2014 cover story, we received them all.
Subjectivity Overload Subscriber access only
The problem with sentimentality, porn, and emotion for emotion’s sake.
Our Love-Hate Relationship With Christian Art Subscriber access only
Despite our faith's rich artistic history, we wrongly trash-talk Christian works.
Latest Stop in Race for World's Tallest Jesus Statue: War-Torn Syria Subscriber access only
Beleaguered pilgrimage destination that still speaks Aramaic just one of many cities eclipsing Rio de Janeiro.
Bringing Scripture to Life in New York's Arts Scene
How Jonathon Roberts and Emily Clare Zempel are creating the largest multidisciplinary illuminated Bible.
We're All Makers Now
Chris Anderson, longtime editor of Wired magazine, makes the jump from high-tech to physical objects. Why we should follow him.