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From Mars Hill to Harvest: Hope for a Wounded Church
How Christians care for one another when their leaders fall.
James MacDonald Takes ‘Indefinite Sabbatical’ from Harvest Bible Chapel
The founding pastor will step back as his megachurch undergoes a peacemaking process to address criticism.
Do Methodists Have a Case Against Jeff Sessions?
Though the denomination is the least likely in the US to administer church discipline, critical voices have been swirling around its highest-ranking politician.
If A Church Isn’t Growing, Should The Pastor Be Fired?
Nowhere does the Bible imply that a pastor is not being faithful if they don't hit certain levels of numerical increase.
6 Principles Healthy Churches Use To Deal With Conflict Well
We have an obligation as leaders to have a plan in place to resolve conflicts in the healthiest way possible.
Does the Church’s First Spiritual Abuse Verdict Give Critics a New Weapon?
We emulate Jesus when we expose abuse. But dividing it into special categories may do more harm than good.
Why Moral Failure Happens When Ministry Is Going Great
7 characteristics of success that can lead to adultery.
Why Churches Lose Their Way
Joe Thorn discusses how congregations can rediscover the biblical basis of who they are and what they’re called to do.
The Grace of Church Discipline Subscriber access only
We do no one any favors if we ignore or downplay core beliefs.
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The Church Needs Better Critics (9 Ways to Win Hearts, not Just Arguments)
As Christians – especially Christian leaders – our criticism should elevate the conversation, not debase it.
Pastoring a Church Between 100 and 200 Without Going Crazy
Some Dos and Don’ts for surviving and thriving in the awkward, in-between world of 100 to 200 in church attendance.
5 Principles Megachurches Can Learn From Small Churches
Healthy small churches have characteristics that make them work. And many of them can work in big churches, too.
Allegations of Sexual Misconduct by Famous Chinese Evangelist Span 24 Years Subscriber access only
New GRACE report examines student’s claim against Yuan Zhiming in wake of accusation by Chai Ling.
4 Steps to a Friendlier Church (The G.I.F.T. Plan)
Genuine friendships are becoming more rare – and thus, of greater perceived value – than any other aspect of modern church life.
Perry Noble, NewSpring Church and Our Obsession with Numbers
Our numbers obsession continues to leave victims in its wake. Now Perry Noble and the tens of thousands of members of NewSpring church are on the list of walking wounded.
The Essential First Step to Having a Healthy Small Church
The biggest problem with small churches is not that they’re small. It’s that we think being small is a problem. 
Grow It or Close It? Is there a Third Option for Struggling Small Churches?
We need to assemble and promote the best ideas we can find to help struggling small churches become healthy small churches.
How I Stopped Feeling Embarrassed by My Small Church
They knew the church was small, but they came anyway. Maybe they came because it was small.
Never Apologize for Church Growth
Church growth should always be a part of every pastor’s prayers, passion and strategy. Especially when it’s kingdom growth.
Small ≠ Broken: 5 Steps to Greatness In a Small Church
You don’t need one more person, one more dollar or one more square foot of building to start being a great church.