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Southern Baptists Back Confederate Monument Removal in Memphis
Meanwhile, Robert E. Lee’s former church votes to change its name.
'The Beguiled' Reveals the Cracks in Our Imagined Selves
Sofia Coppola's latest film is all about the inevitable gap between who we are and who we claim to be.
Should Churches Keep Their Civil War Landmarks?
How historic congregations grapple with Confederate legacy.
Building Peace in the Heart of Darkness Subscriber access only
Local Congolese Christians nurture new efforts to end chronic violence as UN adds new brigade.
The Mind of the Emancipator Subscriber access only
Abraham Lincoln was not a philosopher, but to him ideas mattered.
Harriet Tubman
The "Moses" of Her People
Memorializing the Civil War Subscriber access only
Every May we're reminded of the war that split our country, but the Christian stories of that struggle remain buried. Here are some facts you probably didn't know.
General Revelations Subscriber access only
Everything you know about Civil War legends Robert E. Lee and Ulysses S. Grant is wrong. At least that's what some new scholarship is suggesting.
Give Peace a Chance Subscriber access only
Peace on Earth? Subscriber access only
Christmas Carols and the Civil War.
Maniac or Martyr? Subscriber access only
John Brown was a man you either loved or hated, feared or followed.
Mine Eyes Have Seen the Gory Subscriber access only
Two historians tell why Christian thought went AWOL during the civil war.
The Scripture-Engaging Lincoln Subscriber access only
A new biography is one of the best.
Religion and Reconstruction Subscriber access only
How Christians failed following the Civil War.
The Humiliation Of King Henry Subscriber access only
How to Pray for Our Troops Subscriber access only
This Veteran's Day, let's commend our men and women of the services to the God who brings good even from the most evil circumstances.
Reports of the Revival Subscriber access only
The Confederate camp became a school of Christ.
The Struggle for Lincoln's Soul Subscriber access only
Was Abraham Lincoln a Christian? A look at the evidence.
The Abolitionists Subscriber access only
Despised and often attacked, they courageously carried the slaves' cause for thirty years. Why have these inescapably Christian men and women been forgotten?