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Catholic but not Roman Subscriber access only
To celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, the ‘Reforming Catholic Confession’ calls Protestants to unity.
Protestants: The Most ‘Catholic’ of Christians
New confession by high-profile theologians gives post-Reformation unity a URL.
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When Evil Strikes: A Christian Answer to 'Isn’t Religion the Problem?'
With so much evil done in the name of religion, how is being a Christian any different?
No Longer Unashamed Subscriber access only
Certain shame can push us to repentance and our God of grace.
What Happens When we Turn (For Real) To God
This Lent, I've learned again that He runs to meet us and welcome us home
Why Pope Francis is Right About Confession
I'm not planning to become Catholic, but I am grateful for the Pope's example
A Thread Called Grace Subscriber access only
How I came to stop hiding and face the biggest secret of my early life.
Three Views: Why Confess Sins in Worship When It Seems So Rote? Subscriber access only
How the habit heals us.
Some Christians Are Siding with Scientologists in a Key Abuse Case Subscriber access only
One issue: Does California law hurt non-Catholic churches? Another issue: The allegations are horrific.
Jodie Foster's Confession (No, Not That One) Made Her My Hero Subscriber access only
Relating to a frank and fragile voice of loneliness
iPhone Apps and the Old Adam Subscriber access only
A meditation on corporate confession for Ash Wednesday.
Testify! Subscriber access only
In nightclubs, coffeehouses, and iPods, true first-person storytelling is becoming a cultural force as it borrows from Christian tradition.
The Trouble with Confessing in Church Subscriber access only
As blogger Anne Jackson's new book makes clear, our church culture will need to change before individual confession won't turn into gossip.
Show All History Subscriber access only
God promises to forget our sins. Google, not so much.
I Have a Confession to Make Subscriber access only
Why online confession booths like FamilySecret and Post Secret take us only so far.
Making Mistakes
Better to Gush than Hush Subscriber access only
Susan Wise Bauer explains why Americans expect public contrition from leaders who play around in the bedroom.
The Only Hope for Monsters Subscriber access only
We can't defeat evil in the world without facing the evil in ourselves.
Pennies for Your Thoughts Subscriber access only
What Fox TV's public confessional reveals.