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Preoccupied with Love: Lifting High Evangelism Again
An interview with Sherry Harney.
Reaching Out to Non-Believers this Holiday Season
Relationships are a significant means through which people can be reached with the gospel.
When Conservatism Isn’t Enough
Necessary shifts beyond conservatism to find ecclesiastical orthodoxy.
Making Room at Your Table for International Students
Jesus taught his followers that welcoming strangers is the equivalent to welcoming him.
Violence Isn’t the Only Threat to Evangelism in Nigeria
The Anglican Archbishop of Jos discusses the gospel's endurance through intense persecution and casual indifference.
Respect and Humility: A Close Encounter with Those of Another Faith
People are drawn to Jesus with our actions—that is, when we are not condescending and arrogant.
The First Female Evangelists
Mary Magdalene and the woman at the well couldn’t help but share their good news.
One-on-One with Dave Deuel on Disability Concerns and the Gospel Today
"I focus very specifically on identifying and helping young disability ministry leaders."
For I Needed a Place to Vote, And You Invited Me In
When your church is a polling place, Election Day is an opportunity to show hospitality.
One-on-One with Philip Ryken on the Gospel in North America
"Preach that gospel to yourself every day and share it with others as generously as you can."
Preoccupied with Love: Introducing the Amplify 2019 North American Evangelism Conference
Instead of being preoccupied by problems, we can be preoccupied by the promise of redemption.
The One Thing Worse Than Being Spiritually Lost
But what could possibly be worse than being lost?
Dealing with Disillusionment
We can step into the disillusionment of those around us for the sake of God’s mission.
One-on-One with Greg Stier on Dare 2 Share—Live Tomorrow in 95 Locations
"We're praying for a movement. We're praying for revival. We're praying for transformation."
Kingdom Patriotism
When we are captivated by the great treasure of Christ and his Kingdom, we’re positioned to winsomely invite others to join us
Intentional Friendliness: Making A Great First Impression In A Smaller Church
Coming to a small church for the first time is an act of great vulnerability. So it’s important to do the personal things well.
The Myth of Missionary Neutrality
Everything we do either propels God’s mission forward or hinders the embodiment of his kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.
Evangelism Is a Work of Social Justice
How critics can help us keep such social ministries vibrant.
Announcing ‘Ed Stetzer Live’ on Moody Radio
Moody Radio is launching the new Saturday morning talk show on September 15.
China Mulls Major Restrictions on Online Ministries
Foreigners would be prohibited from providing “religious information” to mainland Chinese via the internet, according to draft rules.