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Staying on Mission in the Age of Outrage
How do Christians respond in a Christ-honoring way to a world awash in division and hostility?
Evangelism Is More Prayer Than Action for Protestant Churchgoers
Survey finds more than half of monthly worshipers haven’t shared Jesus in the past six months.
Lost in Translation: Lessons from Language Can Help Us Share the Gospel
Translation and immersion are key for every generation as they engage people in culture.
Mastering the Fundamentals of Mission
If you can’t do the fundamentals with excellence, then you will never be successful—at least not for long.
Why Missions Experts Are Redefining ‘Unreached People Groups’ Subscriber access only
Fewer than 1 percent of missionaries end up among the world's least-Christian peoples. New categories aim to highlight the areas most desperate for the gospel.
True Tolerance Opens the Door for All to Share Their Beliefs, Including Christians
Sometimes culture makes it difficult, but there are aspects of culture that are quite conducive to evangelism.
Headwinds in Evangelism: New Challenges Secularism and Pluralism Add to Outreach
We’re still trying to figure out what the future should ultimately look like as we continue to share the gospel.
Is Your Church Evangelizing Or Just Advertising? 4 Reasons It Matters
Evangelism isn’t about sales, it’s about relationship. It’s not about filling a building with people, it’s about filling people with Jesus.
A Call for Jesus-y Evangelicals
We need leaders marked by the living presence of Jesus that inspires men and women to bold faith.
If You Want to Evangelize, Try Talking About the Weather
Why small talk and friendship are fundamental to faith formation.
New Witnesses
God is doing a new thing in the millennial generation through his witnesses.
Whispers of Disruption: A New Move of God in Our Time
Three trends that may indicate the beginning of kingdom breakthrough.
Can Multisite be Missional?
Multisite churches must have carefully sorted priorities.
Died: Robert Finley, Reformer of Foreign Missions
After preaching at Billy Graham rallies and revivals in Asia, the Christian Aid Mission founder introduced new emphasis on supporting indigenous missionaries.
Seven Surprising Ways to Prepare Yourself to Share the Gospel
What does it mean to be prepared to share the gospel?
Preoccupied with Love: One-on-One with CJ Rhodes
“Unbelievers needs to see that we care for them, not just their postmortem souls but all of who they are as fallen image-bearers of God.”
Francis Chan Explains Why He’ll Share a Stage With Benny Hinn
“There are millions who will never hear strong biblical teaching unless teachers are willing to go.”
Do 47 Percent of Christian Millennials Think Evangelism Is Wrong?
Many young Christians clearly hold a negative view of evangelism. But why?
Are We the Ultraviolet Light of the World? Or the X-Rays?
An astronomer ponders one of Jesus' most memorable sayings.
Dear Jesus, I Am a Sinner
Every time I lead a person to repeat those words, I am saying them to God on my own behalf.