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Evangelism: Just Do Something
It’s high time we started sharing the gospel with the people around us.
How to Witness to a Distracted World
Effective Christian evangelism and discipleship requires us to be disruptive.
World Cup Evangelism Has Flourished. What Comes Next?
Hundreds of thousands of Russians have heard the gospel during the month-long soccer tournament. It is just the beginning.
One-on-One with Nick Hall on Faith in the Next Generation, Part 2
The more we can mobilize our young people, the better.
One-on-One with Nick Hall on Faith in the Next Generation, Part 1
God has been stirring and the church has been uniting.
Does Evangelism Jeopardize Authentic Artistic Expression? Subscriber access only
What an Old Testament artist tells us about aesthetic vocation.
Stewarding a Gospel Movement in Chicago
We long to see the power of the Holy Spirit energizing the Church.
The Importance Of Doing lowercase ministry In An ALL CAPS World
We can be loud, or we can be heard. But we can seldom do both.
The Gospel in Major City Centers
What does it look like for church leaders in Chicagoland and other large cities to actually seek the peace and prosperity of the city?
World Cup Evangelism Evades Russia’s Ban
Banned from sharing the gospel at games, Protestants adopt a new missionary strategy.
How Female Missionaries and Evangelists Paved the Way for #MeToo
As we look to the future of women, the past offers a map.
A New Equation for Collaboration in Mission
The Great Commission plus the Great Commandment added to a Great Commitment, multiplied by Great Collaborations results in Great Communities
Moving Our Congregations to More Effective Evangelism
Being a disciple of Christ means doing the work of evangelism.
Go Tell It on the iPhone
Christians agree: Technology has made in-person conversations harder, but sharing one’s faith easier.
Three Ways to Successfully Navigate Failure in Evangelism
Learning how to navigate through failure is a crucial element of success.
Celebrating David Hesselgrave (1924-2018), Missiologist and Professor
David Hesselgrave is considered the founding dean of modern evangelical missiology.
Compelled to Share: Do You Have a Urgency to See Others Know the Love of Jesus?
I couldn’t not share of this great love I had just encountered because I couldn’t bear the thought of anyone else feeling like I had.
Why You Can’t Just ‘Give Them the Gospel’
Understanding the relationship between gospel and culture is vital for evangelism
One-On-One with Matt Mikalatos on Good News for a Change
If gospel really means “good news,” we shouldn’t be surprised that most people will be delighted to talk about it.
9 Common Social Media Tactics That Never Draw Anyone Closer To Jesus
For most, maybe all of these tactics, I can see the good motive behind it. But good intentions are not enough.