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Get Close to Refugees, and Let Love Grow
Two new books consider the personal, practical, and theological sides of welcoming the stranger.
Is Your Church Resisting Necessary Change? Try This Helpful Strategy
Wise and loving pastors don’t attack people’s affection for the past, they ease their fears about the future.
How Can We Overcome Our Fear of Evangelism?
Confidence in evangelism begins in the love of God.
How I Overcame My Dread Of Talking About Money From The Pulpit
Why should our approach to meeting financial challenges be any different than our approach to meeting every other challenge?
Why I’ve Spent Half My Life Helping North Korea
Despite political and military tensions in the region, the director of Christian Friends of Korea is committed to medical ministry.
Make Your Voice Heard at the Table
3 ways to help get your ideas across when you’re working with men
Confessions of a Christian Prepper
My hope shouldn’t lie in survival skills and stockpiles.
‘It’ Is Big-Budget Horror with a Surprising Amount of Heart
The latest Stephen King adaptation’s success has more to do with the friendship it celebrates than the scares it delivers. 
Dispatches from Charlottesville: What Happens When Neo-Nazis Are Outside Your Church Doors
The protesters came with torches. We sang, “This Little Light of Mine.”
Pew: What Christians Worry About Most
How five religious groups rank seven bad scenarios.
Why Even Pessimists Can Embrace Hope
A social psychologist explains why fear and hope often work as a team.
Shame, Guilt, and Fear: What 1,000 Americans Avoid Most
Churches may be emphasizing the wrong selling point of the gospel, suggests LifeWay.
Kendrick Lamar's Duel with Damnation
The influential rapper’s latest record is all about our fear of being condemned.
‘Get Out’ Locks Our Gaze on Racism’s Horror
Jordan Peele's groundbreaking directorial debut challenges us to see racial sin with clear eyes.
4 Ways to Invite God into Your Planning Meetings Subscriber access only
Put the ministry back in your administration.
Clumped Christians: When Fear Overwhelms Faith
When a healthy church gathers for worship it should renew our passion to mobilize and move out in ministry.
The Power of Ethical Congruence Subscriber access only
Senate chaplain Barry Black reflects on 14 years of pastoring politicians.
A Psalm for the Refugee Crisis in America Subscriber access only
When our government is wrong, the church responds by doing what is right.
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How to Be the Elephant in the Room
Is it possible to be yourself, or should you become “one of the guys”?
Why ‘The Secret of Kells’ is a Perfect Christmastime Movie Subscriber access only
The film is a gorgeous reminder of the beauty of God that waits beyond our walls of fear.