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Partner Content How to Be at Peace and Get What You Want
Fortune 500 CEO Brad Hewitt’s wisdom for moving past our insatiable cravings.
Treat Folks Well Subscriber access only
What a bout with cancer taught me about caring for the people I lead.
What I Wish I Had Known about Stewardship
Five insights that changed my awkward relationship with this core part of the Christian life and church ministry.
When Tithing Comes With a Money-Back Guarantee
How did churches like NewSpring and Life.Church get thousands of Christians to start giving? By offering a refund if God isn't faithful.
Raising Generous, Debt-Free Kids Subscriber access only
7 things your kids need to know about money
People Won't Commit to the Church Any More? Don't You Believe It
The way people make commitments is changing. Unhealthy churches whine about it. Healthy churches do something about it.
Thousands of Jen Hatmaker Fans Bought Her Book for Strangers Subscriber access only
For the Love, indeed.
Border Crossing: Five Habits of Incarnational Giving
There are plenty of reasons we justify NOT giving, but there are just as many reason to give generously anyway.
Border Crossing: Lessons in Generosity from the Believing Poor
How can your family, and your church, be more generous this holiday season?
The Big Ask: Another No-Fault Reason Most Churches Will Never Be Mega
Most pastors can't make The Big Ask. Thankfully, it's not needed for a healthy church.
Is It Robbing God to Tithe on Your After-Tax (Not Gross) Income? Subscriber access only
The Israelites were never subject to withholding upward of 15 percent.
Have Stethoscope, Will Travel Subscriber access only
Nurse Kelly Sites talks about her experience battling Ebola overseas
Sometimes, Kids Don’t Need to Share Subscriber access only
If we want to teach our children generosity, we shouldn’t force them to take turns.
Piety in the #Ashtag Era Subscriber access only
Jesus never said, "When you give, make sure to use a hashtag to let other people know."
Is It Selfish to Say No?
Not if we want to bless and to continue to bless.
How Wish Lists Affect Our Gift-Giving Subscriber access only
Accepting gifts, the ones we asked for and the ones that surprise us, ultimately points us to the Giver.
St. Nick, Patron of Pawn Shops Subscriber access only
The little-known history of Christianity’s icon of generosity.
No Such Thing As Convenient Christianity Subscriber access only
Convenience is deeply engrained in American life. But it has no place in the life of faith.
Hold a "Gas Buy Down" Subscriber access only
Give the gift of cheaper gas.
Split The Tithe Subscriber access only
Give half to the church and half to missions.