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A Pastor’s Restoration Process: Journey to Healing Through the Eyes of Those Closest, Part 3 - Greg
“True restoration focuses on destroying the sin, not destroying the person.”
Making Grace Visible: Reflections on Our Calling
Unless we are proximate, there is no opportunity to show grace.
Live at the Intersection of Grace and Truth
We don’t get to pick "either/or." It is a distinctly "both/and" proposition.
Being Cordial Even When We Think Differently
We must walk in the footsteps of Jesus. To do this, we will learn to love those we disagree with.
With Sexual Sin, Truth and Mercy Triumph over Judgment
What I've learned from both sides of a hard conversation.
The Implications of Meritocracy on the Church: Grace Erased for Incarcerated Individuals
Punishment devoid of grace is not justice, but vengeance.
That Discussion You’re Dreading Is a Ministry Opportunity
How to dive into crucial conversations without clamming up or lashing out.
Lord, Save Me from My Side Hustle
Hard work is a virtue. But Scripture warns of its vice.
How the Transgender Narrative Perpetuates Stereotypes
The church can offer hope to those who find it hard to love the body they’re in.
What Christians in the US Can Learn from Immigrant Pastors Subscriber access only
For those who met Christ elsewhere, Americanized Christianity can look a bit strange.
The Generous Soul
Why overcoming the Scrooge in all of us begins with gratitude.
6 Ways Martin Luther Led Me to My Own Personal Reformation
As a young Catholic, learning about the Protestant Reformation dramatically changed my faith.
Our Two Spiritual Time Zones Subscriber access only
Living in the tension between present promise and future fulfillment.
Fellow Christian, I’m Going To Assume The Best Of You – Even If You Don’t Give Me The Same Courtesy
If we look for the worst in people, we’ll get bucketloads of it. If we look for the best, we’ll get that.
When ‘You’re Pregnant’ Feels Like Bad News
How can the church help those who are grieving motherhood?
‘Grace Alone’ 500 Years Later Subscriber access only
A Catholic perspective.
‘Grace Alone’: Luther Nails It Subscriber access only
A Protestant responds to Catholic critiques of ‘Grace Alone.’
Kyle Idleman: God Never Wastes What We Go Through Subscriber access only
Helping people experience grace and embracing confession in pastoral ministry.
When God’s Mercy Sounds Like Bad News Subscriber access only
The patience of the Lord can be a heavy burden.
Face to Face with the Man Who Killed My Son Subscriber access only
“God forgave me. Who am I not to forgive?”