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Portrait of a Shriveled Saint Subscriber access only
Seeing myself "keine Gnade," without grace, haunts me.
TO ILLUSTRATE… Subscriber access only
Schuller Clarifies His View of Sin Subscriber access only
Four views of sin are popular today. Which is right?
A Theologian Looks at Schuller Subscriber access only
Dr. Kantzer has read extensively the writings of Robert Schuller and was a member of the trio sent by CT to spend a day interviewing him.
LEADERSHIP BIBLIOGRAPHY Subscriber access only
The Shepherd-Who is the True Pastor? Subscriber access only
In a historic sermon preached on the third day of the second Zurich Disputation, Zwingli set forth his understanding of the ministry in a lengthy message that is timeless in the application. Excerpts from this sermon are found in the "From the Archives" section of this magazine. In this article Dr. Fritz Büsser discusses the central thrust of Zwingli's understanding of the nature of the ministry as aticulated in "The Shepherd" sermon.
Pastors don't preach to eager scholars, but to silent sufferers in every pew.
Older, But Never Old Subscriber access only
Getting older is like racing in the Indianapolis 500. The last 10 miles are what the first 490 are all about.
Common Sense Counseling Subscriber access only
A layman offers useful insights on effective counseling.
LEADERSHIP FORUM Subscriber access only