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Transhumanism and the Cult of ‘Better, Faster, Stronger’ Subscriber access only
Why the church should resist technologies that aim to liberate us from ordinary, embodied life.
The Suffering Servant Only Makes Sense in the Context of the Trinity Subscriber access only
The historical Christian doctrine helps us to see the goodness of God in Good Friday.
Is the Cross Enough? Subscriber access only
The truth of the gospel requires telling the whole story.
You Shall Know Them by Their Clothes Subscriber access only
What we learn about Bible figures from the clothing they put on, take off, and tear apart.
My Cocaine Habit Was Killing My NFL Dreams
How I found a power greater than the white powder that enslaved me.
The Bible’s Best Description of Salvation Is a Phrase We Rarely Use
How Paul points the way to a fresh way of seeing faith.
How Bible Genealogies Preach the Good News Subscriber access only
Jesus’ family tree offers more than a history lesson.
Choose Faith
Rather than living in a world of constant questions, we allow this tiny babe in a manger to give us the answer.
Seeking the Peace of Christ this Christmastime
Most of us have an idea of what peace looks like. But is that the peace that Christ promises?
He Dwells Not Far Off: Reflections on Christmastime
The peace on earth and good will to men we so desperately long for are only possible because of that lowly manger scene.
Yes, Mary Knew
How the question behind the recently controversial Christmas song stirs us to worship.
The Most Wonderfully Painful Time of the Year
Christmas reminds us that faith in the future does not erase our pain in the present.
Be The Church Or Make Way For Something Else
Christ is not found in our institutions, he is found in the church. In people who love Jesus, love each other and gather together regularly.
What Is Appropriate To Wear In Church? (2 Reasons It Doesn't Matter And 3 Guidelines)
Wear what helps you think more about Jesus and less about yourself – and what will help others do the same.
Andy Stanley: Jesus Ended the Old Covenant Once and for All
A brief response to Robert Foster on my book, ‘Irresistible.’
If We Can Worship Anywhere, Why Go To Church?
It doesn't just matter that we worship Jesus. It matters that we worship him with other people.
Reframing the Issue of Poverty
Poverty is more than just a physical reality.
Think Bigger: Why “How Do I Get Our Church To Grow?” Is The Wrong Question
I’m grateful for the church growth movement. But I want more.
What Trees Teach Us about Life, Death, and Resurrection Subscriber access only
Other than God and people, they’re the most mentioned living thing in the Bible.
David Foster Wallace Broke My Heart
Ten years after his suicide, I marvel at his genius but mourn the crushing burdens he carried.